This ain't no joke home slice because this is a list of T.V. shows we want back sucka ! ( Any channel will do )
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Liquid T.V

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Liquid T.V. should make a come back on one of the M.T.V. channels as the new adult swim from 8pm - 6am every single day with the Liquid T.V. shows. 

Ren & Stimpy Adult Party

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Back on Spike T.V. after T.N.A. impact.

Rocko's Moden Life

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Rocko's Modern Life on the Cartoon Network or better yet Adult Swim with a all new season would be ballin ! 

N.W.A. Pro Wresting

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N.W.A. World Wide back on T.B.S. on Saturdays. 

Out There

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FOX should pick this show up and put it on one of their channels because this show was way to short lived if you asked me big dogs. 

The Tick

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The live action Tick back for season 2 after all these years on FXX would be smart move FOX. 


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Well the T.V. show pilot back in early 90's failed on N.B.C. but am telling you if you try it again on the Syfy channel it will be a super big time hit for sure my man. 

Guys with Kids

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N.B.C. dropped the ball on this one but in my mind this show would be a very good fit for A.B.C. family if you ask me big wigs. 


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This show should make the jump over to T.B.S. for season 2 you dig. 


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Am thing season 2 on N.B.C. because N.B.C. really needs a good sitcom these days. ( You f*cked up FOX ! ) 

Golden Boy

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Am thinking season 2 on T.N.T. because C.B.S. was dumb from dropping this show. 


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Season 2 on A.M.C. because C.B.S. has no idea what so ever on the Hell their doing over there ! 

Save Me

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Season 2 on A.B.C. family !  An For the people who say this show isn't "Christian" enough have no idea what so ever on what this show is really doing you dunce fools. Because it's a family comedy about finding yourself in religion you dip shits ! 

Go On

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Way to short lived so am saying Go On needs to Go On. An the channel it should be on is A.B.C. because it fits their kind of BS. 


Xqak2ntntuaxtdxds5wc greg kinnear and the cast of rake.

This was the best show on T.V. and good old FOX f*cked it up like do everything ! So am saying Rake on N.B.C. because N.B.C. has balls ! unlike ABC, FOX, and CBS.


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Now this show could have went places but no A.B.C. is gay and had to drop it before anything stories really got up off the ground ! So am Mixology on good old C.B.S. would a nice fit for this show.