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Fake come backs for old shows and even more BS about t.v. ( READ )
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Published December 23, 2013


53ef8e09f2cf1086b506ffeb0f7c25d2 original

"That or this cartoon would work on any of them gay and lesbian channels. Since he has gay dads in the show and all you know. Just sayin ! Just sayin !"


595f227b96040b0c1022a275a5d6f387 original

The X.F.L on Fox Sports 1 all summer long. ( "Hey if the UFSL can make a come back so can the X.F.L." )

The Man Channel

Fab48112e8b2cb146ad57736b830ef51 original



Ca5f8805979d9f29ebd97c8dbc925fb1 original

No limits !

Now that's Comedy

4b93156d45e63bea59c1ca5c9ba2d1a3 original

Let the Big Dog EAT !


B721dfabee4c513f37914fec91da2ed2 original

("Only the best dang Syfy show ever buddy !")


F030bd62af5a0c591dde22501d3e3b96 original

"This or on FOX Friday Nights 11pm-12am would be a good fit."


769a0373894911c41e2f50b49556a4a8 original

Now this is a f in good family show bro.

C.M.T Wrestlin !

511e03fee3fd49b43f5db64b801d4fd9 original

WOO ! Now that's Country boy !

Shootin the SH*T 5 nights a WEEK !

D590c6312ed429134452c81d87b524bc original

The only Night Time \ Day Time talk show you will ever see.

Go Under the SEA

9eb1b4c0339eca76b2c998c7daf62d67 original

The best LAB team of ALL TiMES !


D03a5ece0d5260688742b231c7707c6a original



85044c7cb8fd7d796aff325e13e4f6e2 original

"Your already pre-showing the P.P.V's on there so i say f it go all the way baby and bring back Sunday Night HEAT !"


F1a22a1e0493528520d822569606ad79 original

Same an party Animals same college new day and age ( AKA the now a days not the 1950's"). #ROCKnROLL !

Don't Call me Baby

C9680789c29736f5fff39b438441028b original

Archer ain't got sh*t on this b*tch !


426367bee1f186f39f7d1c14bc08fe1f original

Good enough.


5007ea80b381d28e88a0115cba79e82a original

You know you want this so f in bad right now !

Action Team Unite !

5c0c40c8eccf9bdb905df0910059b4f3 original



F13c8d6cf2a03da409b2b975eed02bb4 original

"A all new 1 hour long T.N.A pro wrestling show. Each week there will be 2 matches both title matches and every week the KO's Tag Championships and T.V Title will be on the line every time ! No BS just 5 star pro wrestling at it's very best !"

Case of the Mondays

5caaeb80185a05b913d1b364c8d482e0 original

Daddy TIme.

Rocko's Modern Life ( Cartoon Network )

Ccfa97912ed77e007b5d7d30c8593853 original

"The Pot Heads and the Kids am telling you now they LOVE this sh*t my man ! LOVE iT !" #CartoonNetwork

F in A

613b8226b64e78cf2f34d9804a4958e6 original

Better than re-runs of shows that haven't been on in years there FXX !

The Tick

B1ba7d120590e063e5e2f14d56aa8d8f original

Sunday Nights @ 8:30 on FOX. #TheTick


C456aee79f497a337b06425a99631a42 original

Fridays @ 11:30pm on CBS #Duckman

Escape ( On the C.W )

090d6aa69cea6e00185feae32ef9fd12 original

This Summer on the C.W check out these hot new action show called "Esape" AKA the prequel adventures ofSnake Plissken. ( You Kow Escape from New York \ Escape from LA ) #SNAKE #Esape #CW

i've had some drinks"

E9298d69a975bfe0ba2728bee9a213e6 original

"This show is like reading The Drunk Guys Hand Book TOO LiFE." ( On Comedy Central )

W.W.E Shotgun Saturday Night ( C.W )

8c0fb4571af1cf1317653a506172a0dd original

ON the C.W @ 1am Rated T.V MA. ( Adults Only Pro Wrestling Time )

Battlefield Earth ( AMC )

3ee5c343e0e37ce3b445ffbff548e52e original

The Whole Saga of the year 3,000 and so so so much more my friends. Tuesdays @ 10pm on AMC Rated T.V MA. "The Battle for Earth is on Sucka !"

Liquid T.V ( MTV )

Bb8d575e227e23ac03348438d6487eed original

7 days a week 12am - 4am on ( M.T.V. )


647e3ee21111936e2cfa59e5a969fab5 original


Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nickelodeon !

1056bc862803276f091c4c5f290c3327 original

Napoleon Dynamite + Nickelodeon = Good-Times !

Adult Johnny Bravo

0042986ab2a1820a458c693085c160b0 original

Only on Adult Swim. Rated T.V MA.

MAN UP ! ( TBS )

954913d7b2a4cf35a51c86bcc0d940c1 original

TBS Very Funny

Skipper ( NBC )

F121baadc62e958e9a6d8180eea42aac original

The only child Skip Cox is a 35 year old single white trash loser male who lives in his moms basement ( aka his dad is dead ), Who just so happens to be a College baseball manager at F.U.C college ( any town U.S.A ) for the F.U.C Swashbucklers. Rated T.V MA comedy gold ! "Will Skippy ever pull his head out his ass !"

Sure Thing With Erin Foley ( E )

5d80ed0167b986d425ac857797dcd03e original

A ALL-NEW Day Time all out Comedy Talk Show with some real comedy Edge on E. Weekends on E !

Miss. Casey Anthony ( Life-Time )

44ee6f163cd9929f0b96517c62910984 original

The Casey Anthony reality show. ( O You know you would watch ! ) "CALL me Casey"

The Lords Work ( C.T.V. )

3a2a2a2e866fb6b39e2fe2efa8963d2f original

Church time all the time my brothers and sisters of the world. 24\7

Stoker and Hoop ( Adult Swim )

E142b382f226d4e69567d87673eebd3f original

ALL-NEW in 2014


Cf04b4c12d445148f6b592eaaf1ed933 original

Adult Swim Toonami

Mr. Midlife ( ABC )

84956c04738d33255566d309afafd205 original

A new comedy all about having a midlife crisis that just never seems to end.

The Hands of Fate ( Rated T.V MA )

C173d1a4cd524ad69b3c88ef861470e1 original

The new horror t.v show about a clut family that run a motel in bum f*ck TX. Loosely based off the sh*tty movies.

2014 style

6bb4c62e3e68bda407ebf826b980e7d0 original

Making fun off Public Domain Movies has never been so fun. ( 4pm Comedy Central )

Comedy Central 2

073057a931e76ccb6b0d7546259255ea original

A ALL-NEW Network for all that comedy that can't get on the air.


B18db3b130c63d0061766782c7517923 original

The All new Underwold T.V show will open us up to a Underworld like we have never seen before ever ! . ( SyFy )

Revenge of the the Nerds: New Blood ( CBS )

B5a4e4e1e577bd4c459e15f72e5d5014 original


What ever the teens like.

2f96bf76e88422e82a9bb7e3a0e1bdc6 original

A new network for the young. ( Not even joking around on this one. )

Main Event

16ca87dbb460e89eecf1a24bf8dad418 original

"iON we really need are own show." But if your into cop show re-runs iON has the hook up players !

Arrive Alive

0cf78e2cf645db7c3a05b3e6a92f2ea9 original

Mickey Crews ( Adam Edge Copeland ) is one BADASS drunkass low life Private Eye detective, who is living in a seedy Tampa Bay Florida hotel who gets involved in a investigating the death of a former champion boxer. Mickey has a romance with the high end hooker woman who called about the case, her name is Joy. Joy becomes Mickey's lover and sidekick and even quits hookin and moves in with him."Think of this show as the new Elementary but with a lot more sex and drug use and crappy case work and dirty as f*ck jokes real all out dark comedy at it's best." The script was written byMitch GlazerandMichael O'DonoghueStaring: Tracey Gold as Joy and David Cross as Mickey ( An yes the Hall and Oates song is the theme song )

Los Enchiladas ( The Cartoon )

Bd774f146cb50c498bed8316a8c2243f original

A new cartoon Loosely based off the movie Los Enchiladas. ( Fridays at 10 :30pm on Adult Swim. ) "Go watch that movie on youtube right now if you a comedy fan."

Big Trouble in Little China

F6124c5610c4bb06c98ac04f02dc2c88 original

Now there is a f*cking show ! ( CW )

The Jimbo Franklin Show ( Netflix )

469afd3994686c7eb2d0a9a3b0fc0994 original

Come see old uncle jimbo only on Netflx kids.

Naked Bible Study ( Playboy channel )

9308bf7079b76a34f95809b69c04c4f4 original

Let the holy spirit cum inside you ! Get saved and laid baby !

Conan The Barbarian: Destroyer ( Show Time )

88d759444fd5ef7e0401523570166bb4 original

Sundays at 10pm. Rated T.V MA.

The Dude ( Netfilx )

177ebba2b2f888cb7ac7c82946963aed original

A all new netflix show all about the life and times of the dude here in the year 2014.

The Sarah Sliverman Show ( NBC )

Ce6ee65f92226891305fb254d6a1ac30 original

at 9pm on NBC's Comedy Night Done Right.


73bd98136bf395aa565f9543ddf3abea original

The Matt Foley Cartoon.

Delocated ( Netflix )

06c38880b58608ea66d316beec3c30ca original

An all new season only on Netflix.

Brules Rules ( Adult Swim )

98d10546ba48169cf2acd45d4f484820 original

A spin off of a spin only on Adult Swim Tuesdays at 4am.

Home Movies: Middle School Years

28a624fc29f8fa68b77cbd8138f2f620 original

Brendon Small gets an all new cam on his B-day and it all starts again. Only on Adult Swim Tuesdays at 10:30pm

Fat Guy Stuck in the Web Again

E05e8838daef0d450f66121cd84de56b original

Fay guy stuck in internet under a new name and on new channel. On Comedy Central Mondays @ 10:30pm ( or comedy central 2 )

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

Deba70063c0e7382a48587bf8529537c original

Well i said BeetleJuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice so now it has to come back on the Cartoon Network Mondays at 8:30pm

4fd73d11875c9b740d7eb7caab523dc8 original


6d2a35f4f462b2fef783c38a8223fd31 original

Mondays at 7pm on Nick.

Frisky Dingo: The second cumming

4140e9d589bcccaee35ba1ddd66aa853 original

Sundays Nights @ 1:30am

Ugly Americans ( Comedy Central 2 )

558178e642f8961911dab10d935b5126 original

Same time, Same day, new channel.

The Adventures of Zapp Brannigan

9ad12805f4de7a651f96199d21497294 original

On Comedy Central 2 Mondays at 6:30pm.

Miss. Fire Fox

0401f0a25b12896a1a0fc41cbfc0f777 original

The ALL-NEW super hero, that has come to save the world every Tuesday Nights @ 8pm on Syfy.

Reno 911: The Cartoon ( Comedy Central 2 )

Cec294904d0e4609c39effb87bc308ad original

Sundays at 11pm.

( Adult Swim )

F5165a2022d93a9a1f5106afef2ccf1d original

Assy McGee is back with an all new sidekick, kickin ass in the N.Y.C. On Adult Swim Friday Nights @ 12pm.


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