Hey we all have them. a whole lot of them !
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Do you have Daddy and Mommy issues

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Then start drink.

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The Cyrus virus

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Let put a end to the Cryus family.

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You never have to stop drinking again.

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F*ck the family ! And my life !

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The Queen of Embarrassment

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Yeah f*ck you royal family !

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His a real flash in the sack. Just ask his step mom.

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Blowing must be a white guy thing

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An we can tell you have no dad.

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Big baby Bill

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He needs a dad. "BALL TAG"

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So you dad is devil right ?

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Skanks r us

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Go Jets !

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Happy b day step daddy !

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Hey everyone loves a BJ and know this man !

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coke whores

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Hey if you can't duck it f*ck it !

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An so there step dad will get them drunk and then f*ck them in there mouths like every weekend. God i love college.

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There family is dead too them.

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We didn't do it !

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bad jokes = bad childhood

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Just stop.

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Drugs you got to bang them

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her daddy is in a coma.

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The Bro

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Make her feel at home.

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Am not a DR !

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But he loves nuts.

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She can't swim but that's OK.

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They could be bigger. Right dad ?

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Get in the chopper now !

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Fly away from the hood.

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She was raised by nuns

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But she so needs some. "You like hard on babe ?"

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The Milf Cow

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what are you chicken ?

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Hit this jay up.

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She good at playing games

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But she sucks at life.

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Thanks dad !

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Love the mom jeans bro.

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T.V is life

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if you know what this show is called your parents never loved you.

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Monkey Businees

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My ho's now sucka !

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Mine now !

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F*ck you crack head daddy !

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They don't make then like they used too yo !

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That is the 2nd Russian Wife i had die on me this week God d*mn it !

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LSD is a hell of drugs

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Am on drugs because i don't know who my real parents are. GOOD-TiMES !

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Where am i at ?

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Hell if i know ?

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Taking candy from stangers was dinner time for her growing up.

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Lick it clean

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Just like you would do for your mother. The Cat lady.

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Anything for money.

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line up ladies this d*ck isn't going to butt f*ck it self.

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An make me some dinner now !

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Her parents made her Killer

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Lets f*ck baby !

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No one loves you

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An they never will. So just love each other.

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Drinking is his sport

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An everyone on both sides of his family are pros at the sport of drinking.

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DADDY loved him alright !

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AA called

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You missed a meeting. An your parents never called.

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Raised on Magic

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Because Magic can't leave you on the streets.

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An his parents hated him.

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No mom crew

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An this is what happens when daddy raises the kids by himself out in the backwoods.

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Yeah f*cker i sh*t in your yard and now these 2 dudes are going too f*ck me hard at the same time. Because i hate you dad. An that is what she said !

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Tuff titties

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He and his mother love going shoping for out fits together.

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An his Dad is dead from an OD.

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Well at least his homeless mom is trying.

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No dad = this

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There never going to grow up mom.

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Make your own jokes up because she is just too easy ! O ! O ! O ! i busted !

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Jose Cuervo is her dady now

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Like lets do some shot !

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Thanks Dad

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Now put that on your face.

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Yeah this will bring you bad back into your life.

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Too bad his jacking off you at home and doesn't even know who the hell you are !

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keep drinking

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An there all going to be f*ck in the ass tonight after they get drunk as sh*t.

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His parents sh*t on him all the time.

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Well Sh*t !

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Her parents cracked her up.

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an she is stil cracking up to this very day. "i'll lick you b-hole for a hit"

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Animal Lovers

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You go to kill them.

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Hey Daddy is dat you ?

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Man do i love baseball YEE HAA !

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Don't tell know one OK

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But she has them.

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Who need parents anyways !

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Now lets party !

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Even back then

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Yeah i never knew my parent yeah see ! yeah ! Now show me your d*ck old champ.

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Raised by Wolves

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But them mother f*cking wolves can dance there ass off dogs.

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Grandma's Boy

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He likes to slam and jam. "in the b-hole !"

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Keep it cumming Honkey Kong

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Where both going to need to drink a lot more if am going to f*ck you Miss. Jacobs.

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You Like ?

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He enjoys f*cking his mom's friends and long walks in the snow.

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Dinner time

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This Snake is the only family he has left thanks to the U.S army.

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it's bigger than mine !

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i need a drink !

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They suck and does this lady

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She is one hell of a ball play if you know what am saying };-O !

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An so does your mom

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Hey that is how he got here in the first place.

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This is for mom !

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No my parents where cool

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An on drugs 24/7 so there was that.

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From the streets boy !

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Well at these two brothers are gay.

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No one love you.

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Married for money and now you hate your life. Thanks hick parents for nothing !

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The never ending story of being p*ssed off !

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My daddy used to touch you down there as kid. So now i smoke to act like am tuff.

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dead bodies turn her on.

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So who is ready for a trip to graveyard a ?

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Brother and sister loving

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An he just sh*t his pants !

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The CW

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Every show on the CW. An that is way the teens love the CW because they all have mommy and daddy issues.

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creep mode

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So your mom is sl*t bag right ?

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Where going both ways on this one O !

1476 original


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What ever i do what i want !

1334 original

Her trout smell bring all the boys to the pond.

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Finding a daddy day.

177 original

She wants balls in her wholes by looks of it you all !

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Where is your Dad ?

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O that's right none of you have a father in lives. Well have fun getting molested girls um k !

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She is clean boys i check her out myself.

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Like her dad always said "if your going to ask like a b*tch am going to treat you like one ! Now get outside so i can give you a bath !"

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What a d*ck !

Ea3907d63eb9e0958e36c36184b7d6ed original

What ever she will just her BF to lick up the blood then dad !

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Fine what ever !

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An then will you let me play with your tits ?

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The brown eye.

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An no one ever showed her how to wipe her own ass. Thanks foster care.

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Coming to America !

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O yeah it feels good !

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you hard ?

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lets make out bro.

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Let your mom show you how to work it girl !

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O am ready for some mother daughter tag team action on deez nutz tonight b*tches !

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