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A collection of my single-panel comic strip, "Celebrity Clerks," featuring people of note and pop culture icons working the cash register at a convenience store. Enjoy!
Published April 13, 2011 460 views More Info ยป
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Published April 13, 2011

Celebrity Clerk: Edward Scissorhands

Edward%20scissorhandsenlargedjpg original

Celebrity Clerks: Bea Arthur

Bea%20arthur original

Celebrity Clerk: Charlie Chaplin

Charlie%20chaplin%20colour%20enlarged original

Celebrity Clerk: Paris Hilton

Reducedparis%20inkecolourd original

Celebrity Clerk: Schrodinger's Cat

Schrodinger's cat original
Twitter%20tweet%20celeb%20color edited 1 original

Celebrity Clerk: Pete Best

Pete%20best original