10 people that need to be on funny or die. ( view all on one page) Side-Note: "Just put them all in the same skit if you must."
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Am going to go kill myself now.
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Published March 10, 2012

Vanessa Bayer

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Just let her make up her own skit and let it ride FOD because we need some Vanessa Bayer on this sh*t mother f*cker! ( or a M.T.V spring brake best beach body contest parody is what i really really want. So if you want to be my lover you best get with my ideas because making jokes forever lol never ends. )  

Jack Nicholson

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as Dr. Jack 

Kathy Griffin

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As a guest on Billy on the Street because that b*tch is f*cking funny as hell dogs and you know it bros. 

Scott "The Bad Guy" Hall

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His Clean now his doing the DDP yoga and his need somthing to do with his free time so why not a new Pipper's sketch action going on here my friends over at FOD it would be cool. 

Erin Burnett

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Live in Seattle covering the cannbis cup bit would be funny. Because i have a feeling she gets baked for dang sure FOD. 

George Lopez

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Him as a drunk homless man bit kind of deal could work out to be funny as f*ck. 

Stone Cold

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Redneck bar fight parody time is what i say God d*mn it FOD. ( Hey your balls are showing o wait thats just me.) 

Roseanne Barr ( the 420 queen)

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Have here sing a parody of some stupid ass pop song that we all know. Like say maybe the Katy Perry song last friday night but the words in the song will be a ture story of some wild night Roseanne had back in her hard partying days. "Do a music video for it FOD." 

Amy Schumer

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As a creepy phone sex lady to promote her new show that will be on comedy central here very soon. 

Ashton Kutcher

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As not a D bag. Anyways how about a short movie where Ashton Kutcher and his boys go on a high ride right after get bombed at the bar all day in the middle of day because f*ck you thats why. Because there rich as f*ck and they can do what ever they d*mn well please so please son you best know whats up with that boo.  ( CUM ON DOWN ! )