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You know how some people look like other people? LOL, us too. We made some modifications to really bring it home, but it's obviously that we're very well-versed in history and/or doppelgangers.
Published June 06, 2011 150k views More Info ยป

Paul Revere / Jack Black (just add stubble)

137d925fae4075896690fb60375f1990 original

Joesph Dureux / Paul Scheer (just add wig & sassy hat)

E01198ae1c689a5334a867a19e82bc74 original

Abe Lincoln / Bill Nye (just add beard)

Dc4f29443668e03208ad42c9ae5565fd original

Ben Franklin / Jeffrey Tambor (just add Arrested Development)

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King Tut / Grace Jones (just add fro/lipstick/eye shadow)

3152f135ab30001935e8a7a7ab0a640c original

Queen Elizabeth 1 / Carrot Top (just add neck ruff)

D7ab1870041811c32fd3c9da58a05b37 original

Rutherford Hayes / Old Man Marley (just add 6 more months of beard growth)

03cf4cf908bf162982a655b014779487 original