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National Lampoon's Animal House

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The Cartoon on Comedy Central taking over the slot Futurama had you dig. Side-Note: National Lampoon's is remaking the Vacation movies.

Mysyery Science Theater 3000

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This show needs to come back with all new episodes if you ask me players.

Harley Quinn

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Staring Daffney Ungar as Harley Quinn. Because it's about d*mn time that t.v had a live action show about a comic book villain for once by God.

Johnny #5

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Short Circuit the t.v show.

Captain Planet

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Now there is a cartoon that needs to make a come back for the kids these days. That to Captain Planet i grow up to be a hippie vegan burnout who love the earth but hate the hate.

Ugly Americans

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Now there is a show that needs to make a come back on a different network.

The Tick

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Season 2 on FOX. Same cast and everything.

Quantum Leap

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The spin off about Sam's daughter Sammy Joe Fuller becoming the leaper.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast

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Come on adult Swim bring it back with ( Frank Caliendo ) doing the voice of space ghost. Because Adult Swim needs a talk show.

Barb Wire.

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Staring Heidi Montag as the new Barb Wire. in this sexy action packed rated t.v MA show. Based off the comic books. An since there are 38 issues of the Barb Wire comic. the first 38 t.v show episodes will be based off that. Each episode is one issue of the comic book you dig.

The Kilbron File

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A one hour long late night talk show Monday - Friday 10:30pm - 11:30pm on FOX.

Conan The Destroyer

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