Say, what's keeping you from picking up that dusty old basketball in your garage and spinning it on your finger? With these simple tips, you could be impressing your friends in no time with your newly acquired skill.
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Published: November 20, 2013

Wear a comfortable grey shirt if you have one and loosely point horizontally with your non spinning hand.

Don't take any shit from anyone, you're spinning your ball, everyone else can buzz off.

Don't let your other hand get bored, use it to look for change or answer your phone.

Can't stress this grey shirt thing enough, it's pretty important, other shirts will do, but grey is best.

To avoid calluses spin the ball an inch above your finger.

This shirt doesn't look grey, but that's only in the picture, I can assure you his shirt is grey as I took the photo (that's my brother!).

Spinning a ball can raise your body temperature so you may need to take off your grey shirt.

If (and when) your arm gets tired, use your other arm to prop it up!

Hey! Don't get distracted by birds! Keep your eye on the spinning basketball!

Also, notice this guy has a grey shirt!

That's more like it!

This is a good example of being hip and stylish and happy while spinning a basketball.

I know, I know, that's not a tip, but I'm just trying to help you visualize how hip and stylish and happy you will eventually be.

Whew, this is tiring, that's why it's important to take a knee sometimes.

Now that you've got it down pat, encourage a buddy to spin (by the way, this is a picture of me!).

Once you accomplish this trick, you can accomplish anything! (Even spinning the earth on your finger).