Summer may almost be over but there are still lots of amazing music festivals worth checking out before you put away the sunscreen and hit the books. Here are the top 8!

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August 13, 2014

Newport Festival of Eclectic Music and Ideas

The wildly popular Newport Festival of Eclectic Music and Ideas attracts a broad range of people who vary in age, background and taste. The festival is known for congregating this diverse mosaic of people whose varied backgrounds differ from one another and engaging them in dialogues where ideas are often exchanged. The results can usually be described as wide-ranging, all-inlclusive and heterogeneous. August 25th-27th.

The Nashville Hepcat Rumble

Featuring car shows, burlesque and the best in Rockabilly music, The Nashville Hepcat Rumble is the nation's largest gathering of people fetishizing a bygone era where domestic violence and racism ran rampant and polio crippled thousands of children. August 14th.

Gathering of the Bad Vibes

Held each year in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Gathering of the Bad Vibes is Connecticut's premiere music and arts festival where everyone can tell that you're high. Featuring dozens of artists that you will quickly realize are actually satantic lizards wearing masks made of human flesh, forcing you to spend the remainder of the night in your tent where your girlfriend will attempt to convince you that nobody was ever staring at you in the first place. August 29th & 30th.

The Jungaling of the Juggleboo Buddies

Jug along with the Juggleboo Buddies at this gritty annual festival put on by Jung-a-bung Records in remote Jigglejang Park, Ohio. Featuring performances by all the artists on the Jung-a-bung label, this festival will have you saying "JONG-JANG!" Sponsored by Jing-O Soda™. August 23rd-26th.


Held each year in an experimental pop-up space in Brooklyn, New York, ELECTRIC L1111GHTS FESTIVVAL functions as both a social experiment and a celebration of the best in experimental music. This year, the location of the festival will be disclosed the morning-of via a new, experimental social media platform. Sponsored mostly by the artists' parents. August 17th.

Digital Cloud Circus (no parents allowed please!!)

The Digital Cloud Circus held in Colorado is the largest electronic dance music festival in North America. But seriously, parents, please don't come. We're going to be doing things that would make us feel really bad if you saw us doing them. On top of that, we'll probably be wearing something that you would never let us walk out of the house in. Honestly, we would feel very bad if you were to see us, so please don't come, because we really just want to have as much fun as possible. August 19th & 20th.

Sublimation 2014

Scheduled for September 1st, over 350 of the nation's best Sublime tribute bands will descend on Southern California for Sublimation 2014, attracting thousands of jocks who are peripherally interested in music.

Jim's Cookout

Okay, so I realize this probably isn't the best forum for announcing this, but I'm trying to throw a cookout in my backyard during Labor Day weekend, and it would really mean the world to me if you came. I know you probably don't know me, and I know this technically isn't a music festival per se, but there will be burgers and dogs, and I'll definitely throw some Clapton on the stereo. August 30th. 379 Bushmill Creek Rd, Southington, Connecticut.