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tv show and movie ideas again on dat ass bitch ! (So Tits )
Published February 21, 2014 50k views More Info »


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A all new movie or show based off the Dark Horse comic books called Ghost staring Katarina Waters as ghost and if you don't know what am talking about go read some comic books. ( Am hard just thinking about it don't you know ! ) 


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A all new pro wrestling t.v show for N.W.A Pro Wrestling called N.W.A ALL-STARS. ( Now thats some f*cking wrestling ! ) 

Bounty Killer 2 3D

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Just pick up where the last movie left off at and there we go ! Bounty Killer 2.  ( Go on Netflix right now and watch Bounty Killer right now i say i say ! An you will say dang man there needs to be a part 2 this was so cool ! ) AM TELLiNG YOU YO ! 

Barb Wire

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A new show or Movie based off the Barb Wire comic books staring Sarah Cater. ( Go watch the movie and read the comic books and then you will know way there needs to be new Barb Wire. An cast who you must but in my mind Sarah Cater would be gold as Barb Wire a. ) 

Life in Space

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Out in space in the 3000's years, Jessica Law ( Jessica Collins ) she is a independent bounty hunter who walks the walk and talks the talk. An she will use her good to get what she wants when she wants. An it doesn't matter if your a man, woman,  alien or other my peeps because Miss. Sarra Law needs payed because she has gots to eat players ! Rated t.v MA. 

Like Mother Like Daughter

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A Cougar MiLF named Debbie Hostess who is 41 years old and her only kid 21 year old little girl Chardee Hostess con rich men out of all there money together for a living in this all new Rated t.v MA show. ( Cast who you must but am telling you this would be a sexy new dark comedy for you ! ) 

Fire Fox

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Sally Ford is a romance novel writer from indianola iowa. Who was bit by a mysterious fox like looking alien thing when on a hike in the woods to clear her head one day. An that bit in turn has given her super human speed and super human hearing as her super powers. An so now Sally Ford will use these powers to save the world from all thing evil and bad things going on these days, as the super hero we all Fire Fox ! ( Now that there is a real super hero on dat ass for you boo. ) Now what does the FOX say ?


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So in a corporate-controlled future, an ultra-violent sport known as Rollerball represents the world, and one of its powerful athletes is out to defy those who want her out of the game.


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A new t.v show bassed off them ol movies called Bedazzled. Where we get to watch the devil take the souls of fools by turning there wishes into nightmares. An each week we have the devil taking the soul of a new guest star each week. Because remembers dreams can become nightmares. 

The Critics

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A pack of sex ladies get togehter to criticise all things in the Entertainment industry on E. 


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A show all about the diffrent kinds of beers and who makes them and where you can get them beers at, an all that kind of stuff and what not that is hosted by some very good looking woman as a new t.v show would be a good one mates. 


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Hey you know the Super Woman story so f*ck it lets turn it into a f*cking all new t.v show baby.