People that are trying way to hard in life.
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"She wants to keep it simple."

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"Well you done did it you simple minded b*tch."   HEY show us them boobies!

I don't see a ring on it.

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& by the way aren't  you a little old to be still f*cking your way to the top?

I know the Emo thing is in or what ever but this is just to f in much.

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Where is the junk space? "That is just to much untying for but sex."

Trying why to hard to pick up chicks agian i see uncle Dick.

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This man is 65 years young & he has never been laid.

Well hell i don't see why not.

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Next time put on a white dress shirt like the rest of us you dumb ass.

We get it your a pothead.

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You need to hook us up with them dank nuggitz man.

Bad Ladies Tennis star BAD!

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You make your living playing with balls not by busting balls in your face um k sweethart. "because it is hard to clean my laptop screen 5 times a day."

Really Lady Gaga!?

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An Amy Winhouse Movie staring Lady Gaga as Amy A? "O GOD NO! "looks like i'll be drinking my self to death as well when this peace of crap movie comes out." Get a Real actress for love of GOD!

You Better make this money when you can Snooki.

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Because we all know no one is going to give two sh*t in 2 years.   "GET A JOB!"

Don't act you don't smoke weed.

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O i see you doing them storys on OutFrount about weed. "She has to be high if she wants to work at CNN."

Me every day all day baby!

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"Beacause this sh*t ant really funny but yet i  keep posting sh*t up every single day."


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its all fun and games untill you never come back.