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Published May 25, 2012

Am a Banana! Am a Banana! Am a Banana!

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Look at me piss my pants! Am a Banana! Am a Banana! I Just sh*t my pants! Am a Banana!

Someone spiked the punch with X this year.

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and a little LSD to mix. You know Candy flipping.  "Now give me some wiskey and some boner pills because am going to make a week of this."

She is #6 and am the #9

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69! "To bad the last thing she hit hard was my ball with here ass!" Said the dude to the other dude laughing in the background.

Don't Hulk out on me yet ladies.

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P.M.S it's a real bitch. 

Fat girl in a little dress.

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Do you want me to do a fonzie to you?

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You see a Fonzie is when you put your one fist in the pink and one in the stink with your thumbs up like the Fonz. A!

O no my hands are stuck.

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Just let me pull my head out of my ass first.


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 Much love for taking your time to look at this dumb ass crap. God Speed.

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