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Published May 09, 2012

Lets get it started in here!

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They don't call it a brown note for nothing yo.

Time to bust it out boyz.

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Now i know this chick Ecould suck a golf ball tought a garden hose ;-)Hiyo! hit meup top my man!

O Tiger Woods you and your white waitresses.

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"i hate to brake this to you baby but i have what you call a "bonenereal disease" an the onlytreatment forit is puting my balls into holes." O YEAH BY THE WAY AM RICH HONKY! and thats what he said to get her in the sac. P.S Never text your junk file if you dig what am geting at playerz.

J ! E ! T ! S ! text, text, text!

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I think i'll just sextyou my b-hole next time and say do you want to f*ck it! i said do you want to f*ck me!?. AnO by the way can you send naked pics of you playing with your self next time. Love your little man Bertt Favre

Let me make a call to the bullpen.

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You see he used to own the Rangers when they where a crappy team. But he doesn't remember that.

Hey Kids am Barry Bonds here reminding you to always shoot up your HGH.

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THERE GRATE! Choke, choke choke.

Alright baby i need this one in hard and fast there champ.

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OK now burn it in there!Really pound the back doorhard this time!. Hell A-Rod f*cked her ;-O

An thank you God it's over.

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Right back at you.

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