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Published April 17, 2011

Working dat ass !

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SO ! Tight ! 

An now his gay.

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Sleep with her friends. 

He has a very big bat

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An that is what she said ! SHE SAiD ! "An he really hit his spots' ( You ladies know what am sayin yo ! ) 

Every Houston Astros fan needs a Clot .45

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Get really drunk on Clot 45 40oz and then shot your brains out with a Colt .45 because life sucks ! 

Hey now your not an ALL-STAR

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Made it to the pros and got on a baseball card and he still getting a K. 

Pro Wrestling on ice

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O ! My God ! The Falcon Arrow ! it's over ! it's over ! 

where not watching for your skill honey.

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i don't always watch tennis but when i do am beating off. 

Welcome yo Houston

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Where it's always a fail. 

He ain't no HE-MAN

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Because he doesn't have the POWER ! 

F.U college

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Coach Dick. 

S&M porn

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Spank me hard ! An but your balls in her ass because it's on baby ! 

Every Day is Throwback Thursday

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if you are a Cubs fan. 

Maybe in another 4 year bud.

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Summer time fun. 

Dale Earnhardt is dead bro.

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Nice Sweater dude. 

This is how he really feel inside

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No Gayness in Russia my ass ! 

She likes it rough

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She smacks balls until they bust hiyo ! 


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Some times in life you get a bat upside you head just for no reason man ! 

Sweet Back to the future shores Dog !

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Am more of a air Jordan man myself. 

Oksana Baiul is drunk again.

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When you get shit faced drunk shit get broke. 

Watching a Car Crash all Summer Long !

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Every day as a Astors fan is like watching a car crash. 


C2esi9trqwwv0i9iryyg um....painful.

in your face !