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Save this Vacant and rarely used arenas and stadiums.
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Published November 21, 2012

YMCA Wellness Center St john arena

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YMCA Wellness Center St john arena Steubenville O.H. 3151 Johnson Road Steubenville, OH 43952. 740-264-7183. St. John's Arena is a 4,200-seat multipurpose arena located in Steubenville, Ohio (USA). It is used for indoor soccerbasketballboxingwrestling, and other sports, plus conventions, trade shows, and concerts.The arena floor measures 16,290 sq ft (1,513 m2), 181 by 90 ft (55 by 27 m), while the lobby measures 4,425 sq ft (411.1 m2), 177 by 25 ft (53.9 by 7.6 m). There is a 2,210 sq ft (205 m2), 65 by 34 ft (20 by 10 m) meeting room at the arena, and several tractor trailers can be accommodated at the rear of the arena, thanks to access through a 12 by 11 ft (3.7 by 3.4 m) garage door at the arena's loading bay. When used for concerts, the arena can seat up to 5,400, and as a basketball arena it seats 5,200. ( Calling all arena pro sports. )

Colisée Pepsi Pepsi Coliseum

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Bring back the Quebec Nordiques to the Colisée Pepsi Pepsi Coliseum and Hell a Quebec N.B.A. team could in the cards as well you dig Quebec. 

The Memphis Pyramid

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Them 20,142-seat in the Pyramid are saying new N.H.L. team in Memphis for sure a ! ( A.F.L ) and ( Major arena Soccer League ) your getting the next calls. 

Qualcomm Stadium

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Bring Major League Soccor into SD. 

RFK Stadium

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Bring a Major League Lacrosse team into D.C. 


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( M.LL. ) & ( M.L.S. ) both could use the Metrodome from home.  ( or really any sport can use the Metrodome because it's a freaking dome people ! ) 

Edward Jones Dome

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Any sports teams come bring your ass to St. Louis and play in the Edward Jones Dome ! 

Municipal Stadium

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Greenville Municipal Stadium is a stadium in Greenville, South Carolina, USA, that was built in 1984 and holds 7,048 people. It is located on Mauldin Road off exit 46C on I-85 ( Look man it's needs used so anything sports related will do. ) 

Olympic Stadium

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Bring back the Expos for the love of God MAN ! + M.L.S. and N.L.L. and other sports can and would do well at Olympic Stadium if given the shot a. ( you because of the dome  thing i was talking about ;-) 


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Fix it up and in comes the M.S.L. , N.L.L. and other pro sports leagues , and even pro wrestling and concerts and what not can go down once fixed up my friends. #BringBackTheClassics  BABY ! 

Cardinal Stadium

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Major League Baseball , Major League Soccer and Pro Football in Louisville is what i see in Cardinal Stadium. Just needs a little fixing up and where good to go son ! 

Gill Stadium

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D League Football , Minor league Baseball and so on.  It is believed to be the oldest stadium constructed of concrete and steel in New England outside of theBoston area. The venue, which mainly hosts amateur baseball and football contests, currently has a capacity of 3,700. Fix it up all the way and put a pro team out here a ;-) Just saying. #KeepTheClassics

Drillers Stadium

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Hasn't been used since 2009 , but am telling you independent baseball , minor league baseball , Major League Lacrosse , and other things can be done in here a.