My top 10 bad pro wrestling gimmicks. (must view all on one page.)
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Published November 21, 2012

#10 Mr.Chris Marx

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A indy pro.Can anyone say GEEK ASS NERD ! "Look man it's ok dude because amoneas well mybrother."

#9 Kaitlyn

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No gimicks, no lines, not last name, her matches only last a2 minutesbut yetstill divas world champ sucka! Who needs gimmicks in pro wrestling when you got aphat ass! "So fine i wish she was mine. "

#8 Tori Willson

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She just used her real name and just showed her TNA off for all themyears inher W.C.W W.W.F W.W.E days. " An to this very day is isfine as allhell dudes."

Tyson Tomko

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Same sh*t 15 years strate right Tomko. Jobber 4-Life. "Bring him back to the W.W.E for revenge on W.W.E for kicking him out in 2006. Staring a rivalships with guys likeChristian and Randy Orton.

The Uknown Man

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The Jobbers job is to blow. Welcum to the Freak show baby.

Mr. Belding

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O hell yeah! his wrestling for real now a days giving out Mr. Bledo Stunners and everthing yo. Look it up.sidenote he would make a good mananger for Matt Striker in W.W.E.

The Vampire Warrior

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We all know it's you Gangrel. i know am a smart mark. Vote fora new Broodin 2013.

Miss. Jones

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Been in the game since W.C.W was around but you don't know who she is fans. Hey i will give her this much peepsat least she never quits. WOO! SO FiNE!

Chris Hero

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Good in the ring but cheese E gimick An his W.W.E. NXT name is even more sh*tty than that dogs.What about this as a new gimick "Ronnie Stoner" the grunge dude.P.S Grunge is not dead..


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The jokes on him and it never ends. "Hey ladies don't worry he doesn't have lobster sized crabs, because his never been laid."


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She never wins and never gets to use the mic and no she not a manager. Evenmade her hairdark and yet she isstil just a jobber diva. ( BUT!Made Sexy };[O)=


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Well at list it's not Sharkboy.


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