Witty Additions 3: The Dream Warriors. The concluding chapter of the trilogy nobody cared about, or was even aware of, for that matter.
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Via And thus the circle closes. The final part of the trilogy, this is where the cracks really begin to show. No returning original cast members, Ewoks and Sofia Coppola starring in a pivotal role due to audtioning in the directors nutsack; this is the end of the road. It should also be mentioned that there are more than 40 images in this collection, but to indicate that in the title would have thrown off the entire trilogy concept, as vague as it was; indeed, it is actually quite fitting that this deviates drastically from what has been established previously - Both Halloween 3: Season of the witch and Terminator 3: Rise of the machines introduced bold new concepts to their respective mythos, Spooky masks that kill kids or some shit and removing the premise of an alterable future, respectively. Of course, they were both big steaming bowls of cockmeat, but hey, at least they tried something different. Because we're conditioned to watch a third film in a series based on the name and reputation alone, the studios... Wait, I forgot what conditioning means. The name pavlov rings a bell, however... Anyway, rant aside, step into the Thunderdome that is the final part of this trilogy, step up to the metaphorical Master Blaster of Comedy and go Road Warrior all over it's ass. Just watch it with the anti-semitism. The previous two chapters can be found here: 40 of the most awesomely witty additions to signs: A new hope 40 of the most awesomely witty additions to signs Part 2: Electric Boogaloo Follow Sean on TWITTER.
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