Does anyone screen iPhone application applications for, um, blatant fucked up shit? If not, then here are a few other ideas...
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Published March 24, 2011

Apple Pulled the "Gay Cure" App...

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Apple blocked the assholes of Exodus International from promoting "freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus” using the power of your smartphone.But, um, does anyone screen iPhone application applications for, um, blatant fucked up shit? Ifnot, then here are a few other ideas...
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Sarah Palin’s “Make Me Sound Stupid” App

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I’m not saying that Sarah Palinisstupid, oh no.Just that she’s good atsoundingstupid.And now, with this handy ap, you too can turn proclamations about foreign policy into catchy statements like, “Israel? You betcha!”


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Inserts patented Charlie Sheen “WINNING!” at random points in your emails.Firing someone via smartphone?Ending a relationship?Drop a “WINNING!” bomb in the mix to lighten that shit up!

GOP Sex Scandal-o-Meter App

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Lost track of which Republican members of Congress got caught with their pants down?We’ve actually put those scanner mark doohickies on conservative members of Congress so you can literally scan their asses and find out if they’re big fucking hypocrites who voted against gay marriage while bonking choir boy interns.

Pin the Dick on the Dictator App

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This pretty much self-explanatory fun game features Moammar Gadhafi, Hosni Mubarak, the original dick Dick Cheney and more.They attack private citizens, you attack their private parts!Other ideas?Post ‘em, baby!

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