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but i wood ;-0 (Best to do them all at once.)
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Published November 08, 2011

#10 Pat

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Not one soul out there knows if your a man or a woman so am welling to jump on the gernade to find out for us all one lick at a time.

#9 Christine O Donnell

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She is 40 somthing and a Leo an she has never been laid. Until i step into the Y all night long. i'll give her that O! Donnell face. O! O! O!

#8 Casey Anthony

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i bet she is killer in the sac. Drinks on me tonight untill you black out and have your way with me. Hey it's not rape if i enjoy it.

#7 Lady Gaga

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His a little freaky i mean her, but that is just the way i like it Bi and Freaky and am not just talking looking.

#6 Mara Bamford

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How meany of My Boy Friend broke up with me because i do stand up jokes can you do before the turth comes out. An that being you have never had a good f*ck in your life. "Am your #1 fan so let me do the ram jam on you Bammer."

#5 Kathy Griffin

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Hey They  don't call her Katheder because she isn't a pain in the dick & well that just what am lookin for a turely wild and crazy women is just what a honkey like me needs.

#4 Kate Hudson

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No ass no tits an a bad actor. So at least when i get her off i know its for real. Call Me!

#3 Hillary Clinton

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She looks ruff so i bet she really like it ruff so much so old Billy can't hang.

#2 Serena Williams

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A little manly but i would so let her smack me around. "You can sever my balls anytime."

#1 VIckie Guerrero

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She is just the way i like em Fat Ugle and loud. Thats my kind of old lady. (i just creamed in my pants.)

Ride the waves little buddy.

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