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some real dumb lookin ones.
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Published October 28, 2011

The Oxymoron

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"Am so geting some at this party."

Half Cougar half Cow.

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Going as a hippie drifter i see.

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"i dont even know where i am right now."

Nice punching bag costume.

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Stuck in the 80s much!?

Hey its Brad Pitt

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I wounder if she is a women.

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Sweet Bananarama is here to jam.

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Bruce Lame

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eating eating eating eating eating eating eatin Fat MAN!

Your Dad is a creep Annie.

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Thats one way to get your red wings.

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I came to suck your kutter.

Hillary ant around tonight baby.

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A! to da Father

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Thank you Thank you very much.

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