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G.W Bush

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With the power of making things seem harder than they really are.

Only he can save us for he is the one.

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but it's going to take 4 more years. Obama 2012  "You can do anything you want to in here but if you die in here you die out there."

Flashsterbation is the name.

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Mom where are my dang  veggie hot pockets at already! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WOMEN! "You don't even know mom like i am so close to getting a date with this chick i been talking online i just know things are going start going my way i can feel it!."  

Captain America

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You remember from back in the 80's in high shool this was one of senior year pics he handed at to all of us before the year ended. right?


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You see he eat alot because his parents where murdered and the only way this man can cope with it is by eating a whole sh*t tone none stop.

Wonder Woman?

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Hate to be a dick about things but do you have a dick? "Wonder Woman"

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Nice going team.

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Grate now we got a killer on are hands. SMOOTH!

Where coming out of retirement gang!

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Where getting way to f*cking old for this sh*t Superman.

Get her done!

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You all cum back now you hear.

An i'll be seeing you in hell my dear.

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Right after i eat your soul.