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Some very odd facts about justin bieber. Surprising similarities to hamsters and did you know his middle name is DasPoopenshooten?
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Published June 11, 2012

If you touch Justin in a 'no no' place, he urinates on himself like a frightened hamster

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The Justin Bieber perfume smells like tears - sad ones, not happy ones

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Usher is Bieber's biological father but you wouldn't know that because Justin suffers from the same skin condition that got Michael Jackson

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If you look up the lyrics for 'Boyfriend' online, you will immediately be placed on the FBI's V.I.Pedophile watch list

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Donald Trump's combover is actually a chunk of hair the Bieber thought he was donating to Locks of Love

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There’s a loophole in the law – no matter how old he gets, having sex with Justin Bieber at any age is considered statutory rape.

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In German, Bieber literally translates to “offer about,” which is fitting in light of his middle name, DasPoopenshooten. His middle name is in honor of his great-great-grandmother, Fauline DasPoopenshooten, a German woman of the night.

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In high school he was on the cheerleading team – his only job was to show up and be their “thinspo”

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He enjoys the silky texture and comforting support provided by Manx male shapewear. They're like a hug for your downstairsy areas.

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His personal hero is Dita VonTeese, he admires her sensual style and empowerment. She is currently teaching Justin her famous martini routine. He is drunk on his sensuality.

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Justin isn't actually short he just fakes it by walking on his knees because he realizes how creepy it is to have his voice and be 7 feet tall. He misses the freedom of wearing sandals.

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Beneath his pants he boasts the same genitalia as a Ken doll.

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