Some very odd facts about justin bieber. Surprising similarities to hamsters and did you know his middle name is DasPoopenshooten?

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June 11, 2012

If you touch Justin in a 'no no' place, he urinates on himself like a frightened hamster

The Justin Bieber perfume smells like tears - sad ones, not happy ones

Usher is Bieber's biological father but you wouldn't know that because Justin suffers from the same skin condition that got Michael Jackson

If you look up the lyrics for 'Boyfriend' online, you will immediately be placed on the FBI's V.I.Pedophile watch list

Donald Trump's combover is actually a chunk of hair the Bieber thought he was donating to Locks of Love

There’s a loophole in the law – no matter how old he gets, having sex with Justin Bieber at any age is considered statutory rape.

In German, Bieber literally translates to “offer about,” which is fitting in light of his middle name, DasPoopenshooten. His middle name is in honor of his great-great-grandmother, Fauline DasPoopenshooten, a German woman of the night.

In high school he was on the cheerleading team – his only job was to show up and be their “thinspo”

He enjoys the silky texture and comforting support provided by Manx male shapewear. They're like a hug for your downstairsy areas.

His personal hero is Dita VonTeese, he admires her sensual style and empowerment. She is currently teaching Justin her famous martini routine. He is drunk on his sensuality.

Justin isn't actually short he just fakes it by walking on his knees because he realizes how creepy it is to have his voice and be 7 feet tall. He misses the freedom of wearing sandals.

Beneath his pants he boasts the same genitalia as a Ken doll.