slut bags
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You caught her now its time for you to catch somthing off her.

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Did you know what a rubber cost back then? Hell i don't know! Because we didn't use em. Hiyo!

The train gang.

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remember safty first when taking a ride with skankolaz

she has a good head on her shoulders for the job.

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She played first chair skin flute in High School & in college.

lucky me i can't read.

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And i have crack rocks.

"Am a Virgin"

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Yeah an am smart.

Ever since i been hookin this is only bra for me.

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i Will  thank her father for not being around later. but right now its time my dime gets me a rim job.

i'll run on her field anytime.

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Slam her dude!  i know i would. P.M.S  i have a wood.

she has the beer now all she needs is some nuts.

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in her mouth! You KNOW WHAT AM TALKIN BOUT!

its just a fact of life.

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Now if only i could find some STD medication.