random acts of pictures.
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Published July 20, 2011

Thats Hot.

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O YEAH! An am hard as a rock!

So cum on down!

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Where we got every kind that there is.

With sayings like: Lets do some shots bitches & who the f*ck do u think u are!

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Yeah bitches am geting a spin off because one of my meany Grollia i have F*cked  jizzed inside and am going to have a baby. So am geting my own show MOTHER F*CKER!  An all you drinking your hatter aid can go suck a mountain of D*CKz!

Cuming Summer of 2012

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When things really go to the dogs this ruff and tuff K9 will take a bit out of crime.

i bet she has some hairy lips.

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where going to need more wax! (o sh*t the LSD is kicking in.)

heyz you gona eat that or what?

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Me hungE! momma need more lucky charms to keep my sexy Phat ass.

Sorry Cat Lady

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Hey when your card is pulled its your time to go. But don't worry the rest of the cats will eat your cats and yours bodies.

Why ME?

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He said he had money, just like he said he had a big dick and was good at sex. Stupid f*cking liar! "First John who trys to pick me up am going." (Wellcome to hell, i mean marriage.)

You do it to your self.

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An thats what really hurts.