#9. Tommy Collins

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From the movie Jury Duty ( Will if you on Jury Duty it's better off if your high as a kite the whole time. )

#8. Schecky Moskowitz

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From the movie Going Overboard ( Fun Fact: 9 out 10 stand up comics are pot heads. )

#7. Gord Brody

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From the movie Freddy Got Fingered ( When you are living with your parents at 30 years old your a pot head. Trust me i would know all about that buddies. )

#6. Chip Douglas

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From the movie The Cable Guy ( When you are that into T.V. you be high on the herb and trust me i know. )

#5. Yaz

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From the movie Double Team ( Just take one look atYaz and you can tell his high as Hell. )

#4. Pedro Cerrano

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From The Major League movies ( A monk that is into voodoo if that doesn't say pot head then i don't what does. )

#3. Nick Blades

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From the movie Bending the Rules ( coolest cop ever ! Now lets eat some cake. )

#2. Edison

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From the movie Chairman of the Board ( Well at the very least the only people who have seen this movie are total pot heads. )

#1. Freddy Shoop

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From the movie Summer School ( Yeah man his the cool teacher making sure all the pot head kids finish school. )


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