Old tops. (as always view all on one page to see the full jokes.) Thanks Pimpperz.
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What i can't hear you.
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Published May 11, 2012

Her Aunt Flow died a long time ago.

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But your stil hotter than your x house keeper.

How Much for an ATM

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100 bucs! God Lord that a lot of money! back in my day the BJ came free. You buy one get the BJ free. "Kids these days i'll tell you what."

She really does love the wood.

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Practice makes perfect. "She really knows how to handle a load."  Hey old people need lovin to A. "Even if she is a denderfeliac you all."

All she has left is bingo wings and expried milk.

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Sounds like a meal i could get used to.

The Darkside will always win.

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Ron Paul the New Ralf Nader but older and Republican. "Just so you know the pot heads that back you don't vote." besides myself that is. Ron Paul 2012 and 2016  since i can't vote for Nader this time. Legazlie it!

I could of been somebody damn it.

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This must be hell. O! F it. Just light my blunt sunny an get off my lawn.

Yeah its make you look a lot younger.

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Once you go black you don't go back.

A girl can dream.

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I don't think your going to find you night and shining armor working the street there missy.

Am Getin to old for this shit!

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Yet the Mistress of the London Dungeon must live on.  NiN! on your "safe words".  

Holy Cow am DEAD!

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An the Cubs are stil losing.


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drinking and drugs can't kill us because we are drugs. Yeah thats right people get high on us mother f*ckers.

i'll be seeing you soon boyz.

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("i want a Amy Winehouse Hologram to drink with and to bend over.") AM SO! GOiNG to Hell!  For saying sh*t like this about Amy Winehouse. RiP my Love. your turly missed.

O shit! it's the Devil.

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OK, OK I belive in you now god just save me from these dumb ass jokes for the love of all that good in this world! An yes i'll stop the Winehouse jokes. Just make it stop!

You can wish in one hand and sh*t in the other my friends.

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But at least you can use that but juice to grow your weed for your cataracts.

AM HiGH as a georgia pine.

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At least when your old you can mix your meds and top it off with a whole lot of weed smoking an say it's for your heath. Now where are my boner pills?