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Published October 01, 2013 2.4k views More Info ยป
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Published October 01, 2013

Chris and Dave arrive via helicopter

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Driving to Vegas in style

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Elvis is in the building

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Dave and Chris with the ring bearer

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They did it!

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Dave helping Chris roll out pizza dough

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Chris and Dave learn to spin pizza dough

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We did it! We broke the world record for the biggest deep dish pizza!

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Chris, Dave and Brady with the Funny or Die hydrant in Chicago

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We got news!

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Chris and Dave teach a class at Ithaca

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Thank You, Ithaca College. Class dismissed!

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Dave and Chris flexing with the coolest Kindergarten students in town

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Dave, Chris and Jerrod Carmichael in Times Square.

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Dave and Chris are ready to party

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