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An it's going get dirty !
Published July 27, 2014 120k views More Info »

The age progression of Tara Reid

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Then, Now, and Forever 

Welcome to Detroit

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Just feel up a ditch in a road for a swimming hole. 

So this is what other countries think of are so called "leader"

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Yeah that seems about right. #BigGirlTime 

i can see your boobies

S11rg8w0rfqbvcltnr8b why is santas sack so big


FUN FACT: All men have their woman side

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Sometime you just have to get in touch with yourself you know. 

Now this i would watch

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W.P.S.L take notes. 

360% of VJJ

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Hit it from all angles and then some. "Where going to need to add a few new pages in the Kamasutra." 

The freak cum out at night

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You Like

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"Because these are mine home E G" 

You better shoot before she does

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Wait that sounds like my sex self. 

i get this shit straight from Jamaica boy !

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Be blunt about it you dig. 

Nude Beaches

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Not as cool as what your thinking. 

My face and your ass

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i mean your ass and my face wus up ! 

She wears the pants

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Note to self: "Never let her jack me off because she will jack my dick clean off  big guy !" 

she love to grind

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An am talking both kinds. Hiyo ! 

i will drive her home anytime !

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Come sit by the fire my dove.

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A i don't always drink wine out of box and the play the flute but when i do i make it sexy };-D

Lets just say it was one Hell of wedding party !

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Swinger world wide unit

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Cum one cum all !  Because where all this together #Orgy 


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Don't ever bang Super-Heroine because that shit will kill you champs. 

Hardcore porn is calling your name big sexy.

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Am thinking i seen this chick in a S&M Snuff Film as a Dominatrix. Side-note Yeah am going to Hell in a handbasket but at least am enjoying ride. 

Well she is a bitch

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Women's Tennis looks like this in my mind

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An now it's time to serve up this balls bitches ! #AloneTime 

Don't go chasing waterfalls

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Just chase hot black women instead. 


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Keeping rapist anonymous since day one. "Talk about your rapist wit" Side-note: His the devil and he burn in Hell. 

50 shades of crazy

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Well at least she keep it fresh yo !

Thanks alcohol

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sloppy sex, well i guess it's better than nothing ! 

Yeah bitches i steal from Walmart all the m f n time yo !

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Breaking the law ! Breaking the Law ! (" She cums from the land down under both ways ;-)" 

Brazilian Women

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"Who gives a shit about football Am i right, or am i right, you know what i mean Vern" 

Blind Dating

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She falls asleep and then i take off an act like it never happened. 

This ain't no Little Mermaid sweetheart !

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They only man your going to find out here naked on a bitch is a nutty bum babe. 


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Yep she is a full blooded Navaho, you know what mean ;-). "Well you take her easy now you hear !" PEACE !