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The BiG GUY ! Jim Sweet The Protector of Earth ! This is a new cartoon \ video games \ comic books \ live action movies \ live action t.v show idea baby ! Art work done by Jim Sweet.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Jim Sweet

The Big Guy Jim Sweet

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Jim Sweet is lives on Earth as the owner of his gym called The Freaks Gym. But his real job in life is being the protector of Earth.

Jim Sweet aka The BIG GUY !

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Jim Sweet the Big Guy his hairdo is always changing but his job remains the same !

Jim Sweet in Battle

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The Big Guy Jim Sweet defender of the Earth protects us every day people of Earth from all evil. Am talking about fighting Robots, Aliens ( of all kinds and from anywhere ), Monsters ( of all kinds ), Demons from Hell and all the other kinds of evil that show up on Earth on a everyday base.

Get your FREAK on Big Guy

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The Big Guy Jim Sweet working at the gym before a big day of ass kicking. Because defending the Earth doesn't pay the bills son !

Demons from Hell

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These super beast have come to Earth for one thing and that is to take souls to HELL !

Dark Warlocks

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These evil warlocks that look like this guy keep popping up here on Earth doing the devil's deeds must be stop !

alien demons

Ljqlexultzuerg2ewzxt 115746630 amazoncom spikeball art poster print by jim sweet 24x18

Alien Demons for space will not survive here on Earth as long as The Big Guy Jim Sweet is around you fools !

The Ape Man Johnny Carlos

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The Ape Man is a true ladies man and a good friend of are hero Jim Sweet. They work out together at Freaks Gym a lot. Just sayin !

Jim Sweet is about FREAK OUT !

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HEY Evil ! A it's very bad to p*ss off Jim Sweet !

The Big Guy has the power !

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A good workout is good for the mind, body, spirit and soul says The BiG Guy Jim Sweet. "An just think kids this guy is a vegan."


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Bring it on ! Underground monsters, sea monsters, vampires, whatever ! Because you all are going down !

Handy Andy

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The space man handy man Hand Any from part unkown is the alien who helps The Big Guy Jim Sweet and Ape Man by designing new space aged weaponry, car, you name it he can make it and old Handy Andy can fix anything in this world and fast because his just that dang good !

Aliens from out of this galaxy

La7hk2mqtzgcf79bvguc demon sketch 04 by tiobolasdoro

Aliens of any and all kind i am warning you all now if you think your going to come down here an take over the Earth, well my friends you got another thing comin space jockey !

The Big Guy Jim Sweet are hero

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Jim Sweet walking home after a job well done. Now get some rest Big Guy because a new battle is on it way just like every single day a.

N.W.O. robots

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Jim Sweet will brake them all ! Because the N.W.O. must be stop for good !

The Demon Men

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These men and women and their are meany here on the Earth. They are lost souls half human and Demon but they are all pure evil !


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The Devil him self good old Satan will never stop trying to take over the Earth !


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