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June 17, 2011


Gentlemen : Penis pictures are not warranted until after the first date, and should come no later than the third date to establish your interest in the lucky lady. Ladies : Pictures of your ham flap or fun bags is encouraged at anytime in the relationship to show the man you are fond of him.


When taking a picture of your cooch or tube steak proper grooming is essential. For men a good but not obvious trimming is preferred, crotch hair should not be drastically shorter than any remaining body hair. For women bald is preferred however an eye catching design is also acceptable. For redheads bald is the right way to go with either gender.

Photography Tips

The hands of a farmer, a pianist, a baker. The feet of a ballet dancer, a long distance runner, a place kicker. The belly of a pregnant woman, the bicep of a weight lifter. A clean pecker after a shower, a meat wallet in a spring meadow. The details of the human body make great photographic subjects, either as expressions of ideas or emotions, as graphic shots, or as a way to say something about an individual. Whenever photographing your genitals, try to think about the details that would get your message across in an indirect way. The point is to use your eyes and your imagination, whether you want to use detail and abstraction to say something about your Johnson or about the beauty of your camel toe.

Being Photogenic

Gentlemen : Lightly fluff you meat thermometer to approximately half staff. Having a completely limp choad will not do favors for the photogeniality of your penis. On the flip side a fully erect tonsil tickler will make you appear too eager, you want to keep that special lady eager to see the full blown erection for her own eyes.


Ladies: Too shy for a full on vag shot? Start with some candid shots of your fanny! 


When appropriate feel free to incorporate props into your photographs to enhance the overall aesthetics or to set a specific mood or tone.


Ladies: When sent a picture of ones rod, you should reciprocate with a picture of your titties or when especially smitten with your suitor a picture of your snizz Gentlemen : When in receipt of a picture of a special lady's hooters or pink taco DO NOT forward that picture electronically. Those photos were sent to you in confidence to appreciate the love between a couple only genital photographs can express. It is however ok to show your friends those pictures in person as long as not electronically distributed.

Respect the Art of Genital Photography

We all have a piece of genital artwork that has meaning to us but very few people see it the same way we do. Genital artwork that we think is just OK becomes wildly popular, while good meaningful genital artwork gets forgotten. Regardless the work needs to be exposed! They all need your attention! So show them the love they deserve.