things honkies are into.
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The good old rat tail.

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any good white trash man has one.


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Name me three black players.

the kentucky wall fall.

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you just dont see that kind of hair this days.

doing sh*t like this.

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Only a white guy living in his moms basement would post this up to try and get laid.

her fan base.

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no one remembers you besides white burn outs.

only a white guy.

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its time to ROCK!

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to much DND in his past. PS only white people get stuck in the 80s

only white people take adult karate classes.

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But dont F with karate Kyle his a ture master.

only white people would remember this team being around.

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now there the Nats and they still suck.

& he does em

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aha yes white chicks you got to love them all. right Tiger?


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if you know what this is from?

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you might be a white person