Well my home town is Rajasthan where we still love to live in an era of pro 1991 globalization and thus many travelers and photographers visit Rajasthan. So its not just the amazing luxurious palaces which makes Rajasthan... more »

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April 19, 2016

1. Guy with some camels smiling

This is picture was taken in Pushkar, a city fill with locals and teens from Israel

2. Camel Simling

Yep even camel in my state Smile.

3. Guy with a Dog smiling

Now sure about the dog but the main is smiling. From Jaipur.

4. Guy with cool beard smiling

Now thats a beard and an original smile. Picture from Jaisalmer Rajasthan India. And thanks to my car rental firm who assisted me to explore whole Rajasthan in a car and I was able to collect all these images.

5. Kid in the train smiling

Well lets see he has this smile after puberty :)

6. Lady with a great smile

No doubt that this is the best image I am able to get of a laughing lady from Rajasthan.

7. Now this is a Holi smile

Yep Holi - not Holy...

8 Smiling at a Wedding

9. Now thats a Old School Smile

A nice photo which we look at Agra while we were on a trip from New Delhi to Agra in a car

8. Tourists at the state smiling

Yep and if you are a tourist the you should explore all amazing cities of Rajasthan or atleast organize a trip to Delhi Agra and Jaipur in a car. As here you can see places like Taj Mahal, Amber fort, India Gate etc.

10. Dancers also offers orignal smile here