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YO Bros check out these hot pics of chicks dogs !
Published July 15, 2014 220k views More Info ยป

Any thing for some good pussy. ( ALL MEN )

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Anything for lots of money. ( ALL WOMEN )

She's only 17 ! 17 !

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Just wait a year guys. Because who needs college when you can take money from older men right ladies !

At The Camel Toe Convention

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Remembering when their cooters used to be tight like hers and could bleed. ( F*cking kids ruin everything ! ) #PMS

Working hard };-O

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Put the Lotion on skin !


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Feel up on my corn balls

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Watch the teeth a baby !

Then keep on drinkin honey !

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But once she gets drunk guys it's time to jump on board the gang bang train to Butt sex city.

Thanks Drugs & Money

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Fun Fact: Being Famous + Drugs + Lots of Money = Getting Laid 24\7 ( True Story BROS )

My boxer are wet and sticky

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An am not just talking about the ladies ! An i need to take a bath now.

Rule #1 am #1 honey !

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RUT ROH ! Shaggy !

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She has a dingus tucked in you dangus !

Drink it in boys !

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An you can't titty f*ck smarts.

Cheap beer + Cheap Women = Good Times !

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Get em wet when their young and dumb before they know any better is what i was told mates.

HEY YO ! The Clown is here you all !

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O wait no that is just Harley Quinn. ( Batman Fan know what am sayin ! )

Black Guys Say

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Wrecked ! ( No Butt Play um K )

Single Mom Looking for Love.

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Here sweetness take my money and tell your son he can call me dad for now on. Because am in love and am ready for love my soul mate.

Save the World

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By banging super hot woman like all the time bro.

HO ! HO ! HO !

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Marry XXX-MAS !

The ATM is calling my name baby !

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O yeah big sexy am going get you black out tonight boo.


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O ! GOD ! YES ! So you are saying there's a chance ! ( Play Nice )

Bang ! Bang !

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An ! Now you are f*cked !


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