General Falcon

In both stories, a majority of the narrative is spent traveling from place to place in cool vehicles which are either owned by, or procured by, rebel smugglers or former rebels smugglers.


Both sets of heroes are followed around by bumbling automatons who sometimes help them and sometimes cause them additional problems. 

Uncle Jedi

Some creepy old guy, who mixes it up from time to time, guides the heroes on their way and gives advice to ensure the success of various missions.


Both sets of heroes have large, smelly, hairy friends who don't seem to speak the same language they do, but are able to repair and operate the vehicles in their respective universes.

Darth Hogg and Admiral Roscoe (with Flashtrooper)

Both groups of villains wear big, funny hats, are over the top evil, can't keep the heroes in check despite incarcerating them multiple time throughout the narrative and in spite of huge advantages in resources and man power, lose every significant confrontation

Luke Skywalker, Han BoBo and Princess Daisy (ah...close enough)

Except for the occasional prostitute hired by the local mob boss, or elderly lady, there is only one woman in both universes and there is a significant amount of sexual tension between her and the heroes even though they are all related in some strange way which is never spoken of with more than one of them at a time.