pics of loser pepz
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Published June 11, 2011

Man I get laid when ever I want SON!

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Going hard deep and fast big cat when ever dude!

Old tons & tons of fun here is a little out dated.

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There is poop in there i can smell it.

I was alway into to black chicks that act white

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but Wiggers not so much, but don't get me wrong that body is hot as hell!

so we doing Coke or the H tonight ladies

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Nope Speed and LSD you dirty c*nts.


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Just don't let her get on top Daddy O.

Prom 2011

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in  W.V  "Where its 80's night ever day and night."

They meet on World of Warcarft

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Now they live in his moms basement forever.

His a machine i tell! a machine!

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OOOOOOOOO ;] "its not gay its just lonly"  (Hey Brojina you know you can play World of Warcraft an Watch Star Wars at the same time.) Just trying to help.

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