These people might be too scary to handle, but they do have lasting appeal.

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February 15, 2012

Mike Patton and his Bungle croonies

Now while Mike Patton with Faith No More made me appreciate the alternative style to metal, I can also say the same for Mr.Bungle. Mr.Bungle was a highschool project of Mike Patton and some school buddies, however it sounds like something from the deepest thoughts of a nude homeless man who would consider eating a kindergarten class. Constant style changes from the band and Patton's vocal powers would make me check corners....too often. The first album might have been good, But try listening to smooth jazz/ merry go round music with children crying in the background and you may be surprised to what your mind stirs up. Despite scaring the fuck out of me and having a very out of place style and execution Mr.Bungle still stands out as the one of the best Avante Garde bands of all time.

Dennis Hopper as "Frank Booth"

Often people decide what scares them. Some say spiders,monsters,tornadoes,2012, ghosts, demons,found footage horror movies.Those are common. But when I think of fear I think of Frank Motherfucking Booth. Portrayed by Dennis Fucking Hopper. Not only was he scary in a sense that he was just threatening.....HE HUFFED GAS THAT WOULD CHANGE HIM FROM A SEX CRAZED BABY TO AN ADULT MENTALLY AND THEN SMACKED YOU IF YOU LOOKED AT HIM!!!!! Not only that but he used the word "Fuck" in every sentence and that is also scary in its own right. Hopper's role was so well recieved that it boosted his sagging career and made us see what a great actor he was in the first place.

Tiny Tim

What may have been the spiritual succesor to Robert Smith of The Cure, Tiny Tim was a man who could sing, and haunt the living shit out of your dreams. I heard this man on a Spongebob episode singing what may be his anthem " Livin in the Sunlight, Lovin in the Moonlight" I was very intrigued by the unusual sound, I went online and searched him up and BAM!!! He was in my head for weeks devouring my flesh with his teeth while playing his cursed musical instrument. However his songs can trigger nostalgia and that is what alot of older people love about him.

Anton Satan Lavey's Photographs

Now there was a point in my life where I wondered about satanist ways. I looked this guy up and got scared shitless when I saw him. His pictures surrounded in black, Lush undertones that the very devil himself would be scared to look at........Then I figured out the guy was a total bitch. He made "The Satanic Bible", which should have been called "The Anti-Don't  Do What God Says Bible" Mix that with the fact that he believed in werewolves and you have yourself a golly old joke. But even though he is considered a crackpot he was a very smart man, that and he tried to make his own religion which is not a walk through the park.  

Clint"God"Eastwood.....nuff said

Imagine your a boy, the idea of police officers in your head, nice men who want to protect and serve. Now get the image of a cowboy, a man who went through hell to keep his life going through the struggle during the wild west days. Now watch as both of those expectations get blown away by a Smith and Wesson and a 6'4 sneering pissed madman pointing it at you. After I saw Dirty Harry as a boy not only did I avoid all cops and people with cowboy hats I made sure I would never encounter them ever. Taking both the police officer and the cowboy to new levels made John Wayne look like a little bitch. John Wayne once threw a pussy fit with director Don Siegel claiming he didnt want to be like Clint...........all cause Wayne couldn't handle a day in the life of God-Clint. On a good note Clint could be one of the best directors still alive not to mention his movies are some of the greatest ever concieved.