In 1974, Michael Chase Walker was living in India researching and acquiring artistic properties for possible productions as full-length animated features. After a chance meeting with former Beatle George Harrison, the two... more »

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The German Poster of Das Letzte Einhorn

So much better than the cheap ass poster of the U.S. plus it had my name on the Marquee Lobby Poster

First Production Meeting after I optioned The Last Unicorn

I was living in Nee York City meeting with animation studios to start my animation house in India.

Opening of my animation studio WIPIP

At the opening of our boutique ad agency and animation studio But, Will It Play in Peoria? (I'm guessing that plaids and prints were all the rage. As for myself I was heavy into my Geraldo Rivera phase.

Accepting the TAG Advertising award

I'm accepting the Regional TAG advertising award for the commercial Iproduced for First National Bank that would loan me the money to buy The Last Unicorn rights outright.

Michael Chase Walker, Mia Farrow and Cast of The Last Unicorn

Random Notes on The Last Unicorn