This Halloween be sure and bring the sexy. Even Clint Howard can make these costumes scream "Keep the trick...I'll take the treat!"

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October 03, 2011

Magical Fairy

This little number will have all the guys wishing upon a star.  Sprinkle your magical dust and watch a line form behind your fairy tail!

Snow White

Never has a costume made the boys line up and march at attention. Sneezy, Itchy, Horny and the others will be eager to bob for your apples.

Wonder Woman

This sexy ensemble will have the bad boys telling you the truth all night long.  The eagle has landed!

Naughty Wizard

This selection will definitely put warts on your hog. Wizards from all over will be whipping out their Bludgers and offering you a taste of their Butterbeer.

Princess Leia Slave

This costume will bring all the Jedi Knights to the yard…with lightsabers at full mast. Have a sexy Halloween!