Ssn Diego's Cover Me Badd, the world's greatest ever-changing coverband has always been about ridiculousness but some ideas are only as funny as the flyer. Here's a few ideas that are probably only as good as their name and a few that were worth doing for a short while.
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Black Magic, a tribute to Kiras

Blackmagic original

Who's the coolest Kira? Kira from Black Flag or ONJ in Xanadu?

The White Stipes

White%20stipes original

When an REM tribute emerged in San Diego, Cover Me Badd suggested a different concept. Peter & Scott from R.E.M. came through town a few weeks later and LOVED this flyer.


Divo original

Too soon? Because we came up with this right after Ronnie James passed.

Bjork & Mindy

Bjork%20mindy original

Pam Dawber = big time sensuality

Morrissette, all midget Smiths tribute band

Annanicolesmith01 original

This one we actually put on a Blasphemous Guitars (our metal mashup band) showbill, made a huge "MORRISSETTE: Some Bands Are Bigger Than Others" banner, lowered the mic stands and waited for people to show up. The funniest part was that our guitarist actually thought it was real and didn't know it was fake until we got a call from their manager saying they'd been killed by a ten ton truck.....

Ain't No Crue

Aint%20no%20crue original

This was a backdrop for a Cure cancer benefit show. Crue, Cure. Whatever. Just Like Heaven over Shout At The Devil sounded AWESOME.

Oasis parody the Fookin Wankers

Fauxasis original

We actually did this one a few times too. Feel free to peruse comments on Youtube on how bad our accents were. Tell us somethin we don't fookin' know!

Thanks for the idea.

Granny middle finger original

We bought for all of the awful ideas that people give us so we simply put this there.

Rabbi Gimbel's Jews Explosion

Rgjx original

A fantastic tribute to great Jewish rockstars with a logo designed by Tim Peacock, not a Jew.

.38 Specials Education

38 debut show original

A fun 11-piece one-off performing the entire Specials record opening up for the English Beat.

Geezer, a band of wheezers

Geezer%20by%20o original

Geezer is our most popular act to date. A collection of aged rock & rollers doing everything from Weezer and Beastie Boys to Buddy Holly and MGMT. The picture is of us backstage, waiting to go on with the real Weezer in front of 10,000 screamin' grandchildren.

Oates & Oates & Oates & Oats & Oates & Oates

Oates%20and%20oates original Cover Me Badd's Blasphemous Guitars 2010

Papa Smurf & The Blue Man Group

Blue group aftermath original

Only surviving photo of second best Halloween costumer ever. Cover Me Badd's Blasphemous Guitars 2009


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