things that make you go what the hell
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Published June 19, 2011


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Man my sister is such a Bitch for trying to hook me up with these chicks. "Everyone just want to see old jake get his but raping now don't you!."

the funny thing is they don't know each other.

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Sorry babe but i think i feel a lump.

Look out!

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What Dog?

so thats why Asian people are so good at math.

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Mybe i would of made it all the way threw high school if i would of did this.

That is a Big Bitch allright.

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Her clit is bigger than my dick.

stupid gravity.

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"How's it hangin Stretch?"

O yeah thats my kind of ladie

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Miss. Freak of the week. "You Nasty"

i see why kids act like they do now days.

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Why to go PBS.

Grammy Knight

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you best step off sunny boy.