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Ironic, satiric humor about one of the greatest TV shows of all time!!!
Published April 05, 2013 580 views More Info ยป
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Published April 05, 2013

This is how it all got started

C4fdd015444896a227a6b8c3aa6235b9 original

And eventually this is how it's all gonna end!

Fe81258ffa5a37d192a5b64e6ebd6149 original

the look for all ages

C8aede37b265af97edb40d7bdd770f6a original

u drank the milk, know you gotta buy the cow!

4c90fbfe0152367e00457c032ec08f5f original

what's that growing inside me???

969f885ce6baf9a57cee9265a0578960 original

lesbian makeovers

79992d506e6d70d6f72e6e35637d3837 original

free boobies!

731612b03a8fef5df6efa50246fcd2a6 original

did the governor really hit it?

06663627657217791a8f5a5f410532d1 original

Til death do us part - and after!

13f5ecb3d09eef776e09351eb9b071b8 original

I thought that was just a stereotype, you mean they really are that small?

E8f0df86e1ffb5571a630b92e16ea6ac original

Damn farm!

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forever young YOLO

8298fb9488f76eefcad451dccea07804 original

The reason behind it all!

C629d4171070613d56dc7c4d0271811c original

The origins

F89ef93c7c6d10ad299a7f869be16e47 original

series finale has already been filmed!

F8c371c4c75d8e1a4f2f1bb870150188 original


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