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Stupid as all f*cking hell sh*t. (view all on one page.)
Published April 29, 2012 660 views More Info »

So i was right all a long sports an strate women don't mix.

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ESPN stands for Easting Some Pussy Nightly. "Now let the old b*tches eat wide good budies!"

Can Aliens be gay?

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Yeah or is this thing a "little monster" that am jagin off over.  Hey what ever it is i so so so would get super freaky and half with it all day every day yo. Because she is on the right path baby she was born too play gay music. (The fact is everyone already knows she is bi sex machine.)

Octomom ain't got sh8t on me!

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"So this is what i get for not jacking off for a year before having sex agian, yeah real f*cking nice!"

Miss. Dump and Hump 2012

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its cumming out both ends tonight };=D  

They just seen there first black hard on.

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Smashing insides is all fun and games until someone goes too deep.  

Now if he could only remember last night.

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Good thing that hooker had and extra G string for him so he could get to work on time. An with the new STD he has and them kids now on the way because of last night his has better be at work on time.  

How sweet there in Love.

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Am holding out hope that we can vote for this space man in 2016. (This here pic was from back  in the year 2000 and in this pic they betting on witch one could f*ck up the world the most by the end of 2001. An your winner G.W Bush.)

This is my home and my work place.

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Yo Yo if you ever need a little somthing somthing hit a honkey up yo.

Peace One Love One Life

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Because where all in this together forever and more my friends. MUCH LOVE DA Bullfrog.