An we all know you need a costume to drunk in thats easy to have sex in, so in that spirt check out these comstumes of the past. (View all on one page.) Tricks are treats mother f*cker!
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Candy Man, Candy Man, Candy Man.

The Family Portait

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Because when you live in W.V everyone is related. Now get me a dangbeer cousin because it's time to get f*cked up!.

The Meat Man is here mom.

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Hey i was the one who killed this sum bitchin cowso am going to be the one who wears it god d*mn it! ("Hey mom ishis he my daddy")

Don't make me f*ck you up!

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O i'll so f*ckingdo it by sticking this right up your d*mnass if you don't give me all your candy right f*cking now you little b*tches! Because this is my candy now my candy!

O you don't even know because am so getting laid over this.

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Well i can tell this guy has seen one to meany lucky liu movies in his day. Or wait lets me guess yourCasy for TMNT. Am i right or am i right! "Must protect porn section ahaha!"

Safety Team UNiTE!

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Give me some boners pills and some Wild Turkey and i will ever single dang one of them rubbers on all three of you at the same time baby! HELL if i knew it's was going to be like this kind of a party i would stuck my d*ck in the mash potatoes b*tches! Now give me somthing good too eat };-D


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Thank God Fat Man is here too save the day once more.

Like my dad always said if you can't duck it f*ck it my man!

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Now where in the hell is that safety team with the rubbers when you need them. "hey guys i don't see no tape on them mouths brothers!" Lets get retarded in here!

Check and mate!

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or should i say KiNG ME! "Just remember don't go tripping out now you hear so you don't end up this thing here you looking at. So lay off the caps and the hits and you should be a ok. Now get out there an have some f in fun you all!" HAPPY Halloween! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEE!


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Wishing you and your loved onesa happy and safeHalloween from team PMS.


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