The Big Step of forever lasting love. (view all on one page.)
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Thats my dogz right there boyz.

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The reason they are wearing white is because they have never been laid. ("But they all did watch me bangout the old laidie last night. Thats is why there wearing the Stromtrooper Helmets.") it's ok guys. One day each and every single one of you guys will meet a women that will spend all of your money and run your life in the gound as you both get fat an she eats away your soul untill you are dead or run out of money. Good Times!

An this my friends is what your wife will look like on her big day.

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Looks like am not getting a B.J any time soon.

This is how you make her feel inside.

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Just keep on drinkin my love.

An this is what you dream of.

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And it's why you cry your self to at night. ( Nice going b*tch you f*cked up my life. ) i'd used think i was a happy camper.

An this is who you will be f*cking on the side.

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This new age girls name is Marry Mo an she is vegetarian and yes she sure does like to bone.

An this is who she will be getting "it" on with on the side.

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His name is Ned and his own's a chain of video games stores all over the U.S, Canada and England. An he has way! way! way! More money than you do broDman.


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