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Can you find whats wong in these pics?
Published September 19, 2011 1.4k views More Info ยป

this trick has got the trick down

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the old lick it before you stick it move. (it works ever time)

Viagra + Drinking = Dead Hooker

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a pic from the new movie "Weekend at Bernie's 3" (this time Bernie falls in love)

I told them not to touch my stapler.

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(where is my peace of cake?)

Class of 2012 King and Queen

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In Brooke County W.V

What! A sex show is only a 1$

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Now thats a deal brother!

Thanks Dad

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A little gift for the boss man.

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is that Dennis Rodman?

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She pulled a Kramer

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Get this man a drink for the love of GOD!

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