Disney's Scariest Foes Outline The Terms of Their New Libyan Dictatorship

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September 05, 2011

"I simply despise Libya's sloppily run socialist regime, that and Simba."

"The Gaddafi Family's crimes will be reconciled in The International Criminal Court... that is, unless they'd rather touch my pointy spindle!"

"No one ousts like Gaston, no one stops civil strife like Gaston, no one transitions out of the period known as the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya like Gaston."

"Any who defy the wishes of Libya's National Transitional Council will be placed in a big hourglass... also, I'm the Arabic one."

"Gaddafi loyalists are welcome to stay in our new Libyan nation... for a simple something in return."

"I should rather like getting to know all of you lovely Libyans, yes, you all have such perfectly lovely coats."

"Can we change the name to Smee-Land?"