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Disney's Scariest Foes Outline The Terms of Their New Libyan Dictatorship
Published September 05, 2011 420 views More Info ยป
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Published September 05, 2011
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"I simply despise Libya's sloppily run socialist regime, that and Simba."

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"The Gaddafi Family's crimes will be reconciled in The International Criminal Court... that is, unless they'd rather touch my pointy spindle!"

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"No one ousts like Gaston, no one stops civil strife like Gaston, no one transitions out of the period known as the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya like Gaston."

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"Any who defy the wishes of Libya's National Transitional Council will be placed in a big hourglass... also, I'm the Arabic one."

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"Gaddafi loyalists are welcome to stay in our new Libyan nation... for a simple something in return."

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"I should rather like getting to know all of you lovely Libyans, yes, you all have such perfectly lovely coats."

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"Can we change the name to Smee-Land?"