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I see some pretty funny things in my life. I made a conscious effort this last week to capture all of them on camera for your enjoyment. Note that all of these are REAL pictures from my REAL life.
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Published May 10, 2012

CNN-HACKED! Well Done Hackers!

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  It doesn't matter if you support Obama, Romney or even Ron Paul, this is hilarious. Some guy spent hours on this and I commend him for it. 

Imagine the Preschool Teacher's Reaction When This Man Picked His Son Up

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Horrible Advertising- I pay for Netflix so I DON'T HAVE TO WATCH The Nicolas Cage Movies on TV

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  I believe they teach every marketing student to "Focus on the strengths". The intern who made this was probably too busy watching Netflix in class to hear that. 

At First Glance That Looks Like...Well You Know What it Looks Like. Nice one NIKE

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  Got my attention though 

Very Racist AP Test Question

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  Nice move College Board, offend your #1 customer. 

A Strong Confident Ron Paul Supporting Woman...

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  Does whatever her husband wants. I guess it is true what they say: "Behind every woman with crazy political ideas there is a man with even crazier political ideas." 

Stay Classy Philadelphia

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  Walked by this street corner to get a Coffee. This was there when I got back 15 minutes later. Enough Said. 

What was that Hulu? You Can't Keep Me From Watching My Show Because The Ad System is Broken! Tragic...

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Nobody is crying...but nice try