Whether he's out saving the world, or saving a seat for his wife at their favorite restaurant, Mickey D's, Bill Clinton always has a deserved grin on his face. It's his world, baby, we're just living in it.

Billy-C be on that Suit & Tie shit.

Bros before hoes.

But eventually hoes, right?

Sippin' back a cold one with his shirtless friend.

Got them moves like Jagger.

"I'm not a player, I just crush a lot."

"Get in here and let Big Willy give you a kiss."

Tossin' around with the ol' pigskin.

Fore more years.

Dancing like nobody's watching.

"Uh ... hell yeah, I wanna Supersize it."

He's got a severe case of March Madness.

"Gimme Me a B! Gimme a J! What's that spell?"

"Gentlemen, let me show you my horn."

Even turkeys get the VIP treatment at a Bill Clinton party.

Kickin' It Down on Sesame Street.


All he wants to do is have some fun.

The Bill Clinton seal of approval.

Now Hilary, she's the real horn dog in the family.

K Thx Bai!