The Obamas just signed a multi-year deal to make content for Netflix. Here's what we want to see most.

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May 21, 2018

Joe and Barry

This is the buddy comedy we've all been waiting for.

Barack Mirror

In this meta examination of a dystopian future, we are inundated with all things Barack Obama. Using hologram and cloning technology, we are able to enjoy his presence no matter where we go: our diners; our homes; our Netflixes... but is it the future we envisioned?

Bojack Horseman

Sure, we've already seen the trials and tribulations of a horseman, but no part of that horesman was dog, and what better dog than Bo to star in the first series about a horsemandog?

Tanner Things

The upside down is turned sideways when Barack Obama shows up in his tan suit and no one knows why. Should they even mind? But it's so hard not to think about it! IS HE DOING IT FOR A REASON? WHAT IS REASON ANYMORE, ANYWAY!?