You made it to the big leagues. Now everyone will see your name in lights. Little kids will proudly wear your jersey to school. Hold on, your name is what?
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Chubby's my father. Please, call me Semi.

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Chubby Cox

You really gotta spray something on that.

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Rusty Kuntz

How do you throw a curve? Two here and one where?

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Urban Shocker

"I beg you, please call me Berland."

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Cumberland "Cum" Posey

With what?

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Phyllis Mangina

On the pitch, this guy is silent, but deadly.

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Dean Windass

Let's give her some privacy.

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Yoshie Takeshita

And he's willing to tell you all about it.

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Steve Sharts

Google it. This is someone's name.

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Craphonso Thorpe

The originator.

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Dick Butkus

His full name is Richard Feltapenis.

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Dick Felt

He was teased a lot as a kid for being named after Ethan Hawke.

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Ethan Faggett

Her sister's name is, of course, Anita.

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Ivana Mandic

Put me down for a maybe.

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DeWanna Bonner

He'll meet any competitor's price.

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Fair Hooker

The Cootiest.

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Jim Bob Cooter

For a football player, this is SO close to being a great name.

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Kyle Sackrider

This guy makes it really tough to cheer for him.

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Kim Yoo Suk

This one is just heartbreaking. Sorry dude.

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Lucious Pusey

He compenstates by driving a really fast car.

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Dick Trickle

Not with gloves that big he doesn't.

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Ron Tugnutt

If you're his quarterback, be careful about sticking your hands under there.

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Buzz Nutter

Unfortunately, he didn't have much of a personality either.

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Uwe Blab

He was always tempting his teammates to go out late at night and sell their souls, or whatever.

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Miroslav Satan

What a dumb name. He's a person, not a bird.

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Larry Bird