get your bones and clits ready for some dumb ass jokes and big racks. (best to view on one page.)
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Published February 26, 2012

it's ok your dumb as rocks.

Sarah palin 5 original

"Some one has been a bad boy and is about to get a spanking."

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The Bro.

192 original

Best damn bra this side of the Mississippi!

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So them bad boy the biggest size they come in?

211 original

Yep threre double ZZ. "Please be diseases free."

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Milk does the body good.

18113 original

But i will do you even better. ;-O

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What happen you get stung by a bee.

09af9fa34288ab20d04c6d552880d68e original

You get it she has little tits. "But i have a beaver fever when i cum to her, i mean it comes to her."

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The Bro.

192 original

Best Damn bra this side of the Mississippi.

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The only reason why your free.

5ce0a78c92556ea82af3b4b1d4f07e16 original

Hey Casey hustler iscalling. "Because the only jobs your going to be aloud to is Bj's"

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how much?

44ddd74a96c248d072a504180b6536b3 original

because i want to be all in.

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So it's Ture!

A038db1d763bd16664b205b90c14727e original

Drinking beers does give chicks bigger tits. "An by looking at that beer gut she is drunk 24/7" O Please God let her be loose as a goose.

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The only sport she plays is F*CKiN!

0838a6f81074f97b1bbf40204c17093d original

An she has been an All-Star Since she was 18.

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Just keep it in you shorts.

425ed1ce6ee229a628efe1f839054254 original

Um K!

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O Sh*t to late.

D77bb455a5231057e5bcb6a118c73589 original

Now that has got to sting.

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This sideshow was approved by Miss. Faraday Flecker her self.

161cc6db09b1e14a311c767f792154af original

you remeber that one little philly

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God Bless America.

E7a4372d1e732cdb603f8e9d7fcd667a original

Good night world. An have fun geting off.

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