"So as we gear up to the election, let's make sure we satisfy our constituents by shoving as much dick-shaped food into our mouths as we can. Corn Dogs 2012." -- Campaign Managers, apparently
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Bachmann vs. Corn Dog

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Obama Takes on a Hot Dog

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Obama Takes on Michelle's Newfound Doubts

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Rick Santorum and the All-Too-Wonderful Irony

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Rick Perry Enters The Race...

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Strike That. Rick Perry DOMINATES the Race

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Giuliani Likes 'Em Curved and...

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Not Pictured: Bill Smiling

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Drowning His Sorrows in Footlongs

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Can't Even Do That Right

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Ol' "Deepthroat McCain" at it Again

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And of course...Marcus Bachmann

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Taken moments later

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Living the Dream

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